The Company

Setubandhan Infrastructure Limited (SIL) is a leading construction company, predominantly engaged in the business of infrastructure development and civil construction. SIL provides integrated engineering, procurement and construction services. It undertakes projects for various government / semi-government bodies and other private sector clients.
The company is a ‘Class-IA Contractor’ for Public Works Department (PWD) of the Government of Maharashtra.
SIL is an ‘ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System’ Certified company for construction of Roads, Bridges, Buildings and Development of Land.
In March 2014, SIL has achieved the turnover of Rs. 151 crores.

Our Mission

Many of the projects constructed by Setubandhan Infrastructure Limited such as College of Engineering NDMVP Samaj-Nashik, Police Training School at Sangli & Pinnacle Mall in Nashik have been recognized for their excellence in construction and engineering.
Setubandhan Infrastructure Limited has a dedicated team of engineering & management personnel, highly skilled workmen and various dedicated site level staff. All achievements that highlighted herein are a testimony of their proficiency, dedication & commitment.

Setubandhan Infrastructure Limited focuses on the following segments of construction:

• Infrastructure development; including construction and maintenance of roads / highways, bridges, including projects on public private partnership (PPP) model, industrial parks, work-shops, hospitals, educational institutions.

• Civil construction including, Government staff quarters, hostel buildings and auditoriums.

• Residential and commercial real estate construction.

As described earlier, the company being a ‘Class 1A contractor’ with the Public Works Department, Government of Maharashtra, can bid for a range of contracts without restriction on any cost parameters.

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